July 13, 2020

A Trek to Find Orcas!

M/V Sea Lion

Friday, July 12th | Naturalist Alexandria


Today was a gorgeous day out on the water!  We had a boat full of excited people ready to go see some whales.  It was actually kind of a windy day out on the water, which made for an adventurous trip through Cattle Pass, but as soon as we got to see whales it made it worth it!


As we got on scene we were able to confirm that these were indeed Resident Orcas from J Pod.  Anytime we get to see whales is an exciting day but when we get to see J pod it is definitely quite a treat!  We were able to get some great looks at a male orca with a nice large dorsal fin, and some of our guests were able to get great photos of it! 


After checking out some eagles that were up in a tree on Lopez Island it was time for us to return back to Friday Harbor- but it was quite a trip!


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Naturalist Alexandria

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Sea Lion

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