June 9, 2014

Transients in Rosario Strait

Another lovely day out on the water here in the San Juan's! Today we got to head a bit of a different direction from our normal jaunt along the westside of San Juan Island, and headed through Obstruction Pass, between Orcas Island and Blakely Island. Waiting just outside Obstruction pass, in the Rosario Strait, Captain Mike, Naturalist Chelsea, and passengers aboard the M/V Sea Lion, we're rewarded with a few blows off in the distance. Upon closer inspection, it was none other than the T-65A's with their little 3 month old calf in tow! These Transient Orcas have been spotted around the area in the past few weeks and are always on the prowl for some yummy treats in the form of marine mammals. Their favorites being harbor seals and harbor porpoises. It takes a lot of energy to survive in these cold waters, and these Transients are being awesome parents and supplying their young with lots of food to stay warm in these frigid waters.

With few boats on the water, we were able to enjoy these animals work their magic in complete silence. They definitely captured the attention of all our guests on board, and solidified their position as my favorite type of whale to watch! Can't wait to get out on the water tomorrow and hopefully we'll see ya out there!


-Caitlin, Naturalist, M/V Sea Lion

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