September 30, 2018

Transient Orcas Hunting Seals Near San Juan Island

September 30- M/V Sea Lion- 12:00 pm

Today we left Friday Harbor with reports of some Bigg’s killer whales off the Northeastern shoreline of Orcas island.  We cruised that direction and stopped to see a bald eagles nest along the way.  We first got on scene and discovered that the particular family of orcas was the T49A’s.  We watched as the family hugged the shoreline looking for seals.  Eventually they found a good snack and we watched as they worked together to take down and eat the harbor seal.  We decided to venture off and look for some additional wildlife.  We found some harbor seals resting on a nearby rock.  We then decided to meet back up with the orcas and watched as they continued traveling and hunting.  We even saw some surface social behavior after they were done eating.  It was a little rainy today but our guests enjoyed seeing our amazing transient orcas in action. 

Naturalist Rachel