Transient Orcas

August 18, 2017

Transient Orcas (T30's) Coordinate Hunt Near Spencer Spit

[Naturalist Erick D., M/V Sea Lion, 8/17/17, 1:30PM] The weather here in the San Juans has definitely changed for the better. A few days ago the wind shifted and blew the smoky haze away, it rained!, and the temperature cooled down again. On this beautiful, cool, and sunny day Captain Gabe, Rachel...Read more

August 15, 2017

Who's Hanging Out by Salt Spring? Rare Orca Sighting of T10's

[Lauren Fritz, M/V Sea Lion, 08/15/17, 1:30 pm Tour] We saw some rare visitors from Alaska today - the T10's! These animals are most frequently seen up north, but they decided to make a surprise appearance in the Salish Sea this week. There was a female with a large nick near the base of her dorsal...Read more
Transient Orca

August 14, 2017

Transient Orcas Toss a Harbor Seal (T18's/T19's)

[Naturalist Erick D., M/V Kestrel, 8/9/17, 10:00AM] On Wednesday, Captain Gabe and I started on the search for families (matrilines) of Transient (Bigg’s) Orcas. While in the Salish Sea this summer we have not seen the Southern Resident orcas much this summer, we have seen many of the Transient (...Read more

August 13, 2017

Double Trouble- Two Transient Orca Families Visit Friday Harbor

[8/12/17- M/V Sea Lion- Kelsey, Naturalist- 1:30PM & 5:30PM] Some days are just so perfect it doesn’t seem real. And when not one, but TWO trips turn out to be beautifully perfect, it’s a pretty surreal day! Both trips saw some transient killer whales (or mammal-eating orcas), but there were...Read more

August 11, 2017

Orcas, Seals, and Birds, Oh My!

[Naturalist Sarah C. 8/11/17 2pm Kestrel] There was wildlife abound today in the Salish Sea! In a lovely continuation of a trend, we've been spotting orcas fairly consistently over the past week. Today's family was especially a sight for sore eyes - called the T65A's after their matriarch (and...Read more

August 3, 2017

Hazy Days in the San Juans Won't Keep These Transients Away!

[Lauren Fritz, M/V Kittiwake, 07/03/17, 1:30 pm Charter Tour] M/V Kittiwake had a private charter today, and Captain Gabe and I were stoked to hear that a pod of Transient killer whales were headed to the west side of San Juan Island. We had a wonderful family on board, and after briefing them on...Read more
Transient orcas swim near Victoria, BC

August 2, 2017

Transient Orcas- The Light in the Dark

[8/2/17- M/V Kestrel- Kelsey, Naturalist- 10:00AM & 2:00PM] Today presented a blanket of fog in the surrounding waters of San Juan Island, and smoke from wildfires burning up north in Canada was also thrown into the mix of fog. This meant that today’s visibility was less than clear or sunny,...Read more

July 31, 2017

Orca Family Reunion Observed in the San Juans

[7/31/17 2pm Kestrel] Today's whale watch on the M/V Kestrel took us all the way out to Anacortes, where a group of killer whales had been reported before we left the dock. We pushed off the dock and motored out of Friday Harbor with 75 degree weather and clear, sunny skies. Our route took us...Read more