Transient Orcas in Strait of Juan de Fuca

July 25, 2016

Hot Pursuit: Transient Orcas (T65As) chase Minke Whale!

Sometimes when we watch these super intelligent and social creatures we forget that they are predators as well. Orcas exist at the very top of the food chain, even larger sharks steer clear of them due to their ability to outthink and out maneuver even Great White Sharks. Even the majority of...Read more

June 23, 2016

The Family That Preys Together: Transient Orcas near Mandarte Island

This Wednesday we had started out north with a super group of people. Captain Pete, Hannah, and I started out by looking for Transient Orcas that had been spotted near Mandarte Island just across the border into Canada. We followed them over the border for a little two nation tour. We watched this...Read more
Transient Orcas in Strait of Juan de Fuca

May 23, 2016

T for Two: Two Male Transient Killer Whales cruise in the Strait

It’s still not summer. Despite the past unseasonably warm weather, El Niño, and new predictions for this to be a La Niña year, late may has brought some grey weather and some sporadic showers, but great whales! Captain Mike, Alex, Sarah, and I headed south to head to the eastern end of the Strait...Read more
Transient Orcas near Gooch Island

May 3, 2016

Steller's Delight

It was another hot one here in the San Juan Islands on Monday, especially for May, but that means were get a little bit more sun and after a long, grey winter that is okay sometimes. Captain Mike and I set out with high hopes and headed north with a wonderful group of folks. We headed so far north...Read more
Adult Female Transient Orca near San Juan Island

April 25, 2016

Double the Transient Orcas, Double the Fun

Did you know that orcas live all over the world? They’re a cosmopolitan species just like us, the humans! There are ten distinct ecotypes worldwide that look similar but differ, in their behavior and their feeding habits. Here in the beautiful Salish Sea around the San Juan Islands there are two...Read more
Members of J pod Southern Resident Killer Whales

April 18, 2016

Transient Orcas, Resident Orcas, and J-pod Oh My!

Orcas, Killer Whales, Blackfish, Sea Pandas – the species scientifically labeled Orcinus orca is known by many names, and they are probably one of the most distinctive looking mammals in the sea. Although these large, intelligent, black and white dolphins look a lot different than you or me, you’d...Read more

September 26, 2013

Once in a Lifetime Transient Orca Behavior!

Today was one of those days that only happens once in a season- sunny September skies, flat calm ocean water, wildlife everywhere, great guests... oh, and did I mention orca whales that seemed to be breaching out of the water every thirty seconds?! Let's start at the beginning! Today the M/V Sea...Read more

September 21, 2013

Sea Lion Goes North

The M/V Sea Lion went North today in hot pursuit of a Transient Orca. What's funny is that we started out heading south, but as Captain Mike pulled a U-Turn in the San Juan Channel we knew something was up! He informed us that there was a report of T-21 heading north in Canada and we were in reach...Read more