Transient Killer Whales near Orcas Island

April 30, 2016

Rosario Rendezvous: T65As Killer Whales Hunt in Rosario Strait

What do you think about when you think about sound? Maybe you think about music, or birds, or waves crashing, but I bet you think about all of those sounds going into your ears right? We hear sounds all the time, even when we’re sleeping, but imagine a world that you experience almost everything...Read more
J34 Doublestuf Male Southern Resident Killer Whale

February 24, 2016

Killer Whale Ecotypes in the San Juan Islands

The Salish Sea around the San Juan Islands is considered to be the premier location in the world to see killer whales in the wild. Your average whale watcher will look out across our beautiful water and say that they are looking at some really nice black and white orcas. This is true, but there is...Read more

May 25, 2014

T049's in the San Juan Channel

We left Friday harbor today with a report of the same Transients we found the night before traveling slowly up the San Juan channel! I always love days like this because it means after looking at the whales, we can show the guests all of the other amazing wildlife the San Juan islands have to offer...Read more

April 28, 2014

The M/V Sea Lion goes to Canada!

What a great start to the 2014 whale watching season! The M/V Sea Lion headed out again today and caught up with some Transients (mammal-hunting killer whales) once again. Today was however, a little different than most days given we went about seventy miles round trip! The whales were located...Read more

July 20, 2013

Amazing Night with Transients and Residents!

Blogging is always so much easier as a naturalist when you have amazing trips. I must say, I have been extremely fortunate throughout the 2013 season in having great trips. Tonight was another one of those top five best nights. Our Southern Resident Killer Whales surprised us all, as they usually...Read more

June 20, 2013

Sea Lion Goes Off the Chart!

We left a rainy Friday Harbor today with a crew of guests that were ready to take on the elements! Only the possibility of seeing Orcas could keep everyone's spirits high and as everyone put on their "lemon" suits (rain slickers), we were ready to sit out in the rain to watch these amazing mammals...Read more