August 21, 2013

Transient Killer Whale Play Time!

With the sun on our backs, Captain Craig, Naturalist Aimee, and I headed north out of Friday Harbor. Earlier in the morning we had received word of a group of Transient Orcas in the area, and we were eager to catch up to these beautiful animals! We arrived on scene with a trailing group at the south west end of Stuart Island. The trailers consisted of four whales that were traveling north toward Turn Point. At Turn Point we were joined by another group and had at least nine Transient Orcas around us! The guests and I were thrilled to see lots of tail slaps, porpoising, and even synchronized breaching! The group of Transient Orcas looked like they got at least one great meal along the way, which gave them plenty to celebrate!

With awesome views of Transient Orcas, fabulous guests, and a whole lot of sunshine, it was a wonderful day on the water!

Naturalist Emily
M/V Sea Lion, San Juan Safaris