July 3, 2016

Transient Killer Whale Brothers Hang in Haro Strait

We left the dock today with reports of two killer whales just off of the west coast of San Juan Island. We headed north initially and rounded the top of the island before turning south into Haro Strait. We picked up some nice waves at that point, hopping over three-footers caused by the tide and the wind moving in opposite directions. After the equivalent of a splash mountain ride later, we arrived on scene to calming seas and two adult male transient killer whales riding the tide northward. These were two brothers, T128 (who is 30 years old) and T125A (who is 20 years old). They’ve been traveling alone for a while now, not atypical for a transient killer whale.

After tracking them all the way up to Henry Island, we skipped over to Spieden Channel to look at a bald eagle sitting on the top of a rocky island. We then moved towards Spieden Island where we got some amazing looks at huge herds of mouflin sheep and bald eagles soaring overhead. We then returned to Friday Harbor, a trip that was much flatter and dryer than the voyage out!