May 30, 2021

Transient and Exotic Orcas Near Henry!

Jordan | M/V Sea Lion | 05/30/2021 | 2:00pm

Captain Pete and I enjoyed a beautiful day today! 

We grabbed our guests and headed north out of Friday Harbor towards northern waters to explore. We shot up in between Waldron and Orcas Island and spotted a whole group of harbor porpoises bobbing up and down all around us! They were so cute. 

As we reached Patos Island near the boarder of Canada, we enjoyed a gorgeous view of the lighthouse and Mount Baker glowing in the sun amongst the clouds. We even spotted a pair of bald eagles perched high in the treetops! What a lovely sight. 

After scanning the open waters, we headed back down south and stopped by an island to watch some harbor seals! A whole group of them stared up at us giving us puppy eyes! They tried to camaflouge amongst the rocks as their soft bodies seemed to meld into the shoreline. 

Then we headed  west towards Henry Island. Close to the boarder, we spotted some boats...and then dorsal fins!! We found transient orca whales!! Everyone was thrilled. As we grew closer, the research boat nearby told us that the pod was not only the T99s but also some exotic whales! I've never seen exotic whales before so it was very exciting! Later they were identified as T134, and T132 (a huge male born in 1969), along with another whale all the way from California! 

We watched as the elegantly swam through the waters headed north. They seemed very relaxed as they casually rubbed up against each other and searched around for any potential prey nearby. With the sun in the backdrop, their blows were illuminated like a painting! The matriach T99 (born in 1984) led the whole pod as her children and companions trailed behind. In orcas pods, mother always knows best so the whole family follows her guidance. 


Finally, we said our goodbyes and headed back home. 

Such a beautiful day.