September 20, 2017

Thankfully, Whales are Already Wet!

Transients on an Overcast Day

09/17/17- M/V Kestrel- 2PM

Today was a wet one!  We had a rainy day on our hands, but thankfully whales area already wet so the rain doesn’t bother them. 

We left Friday Harbor and made a cruise around Spieden Island where we saw three Steller’s sea lions swimming in the water.  We also saw some of the exotic terrestrial animals that reside on the island as well as we cruised by.  We then headed to the North side of Orcas Island, where we spotted the T100’s and the T101’s.  The T101’s are a family of four; a mother and her three offspring, one adult male, one juvenile and one two year old.  The T100’s are a family of a female and her three adult sons, one of them being an adopted son.  So in total we looked at eight whales as they headed South East towards Rosario Strait.  The boy of the T101’s were very spread out while the T100’s were traveling tightly together, T101 was hanging out with them.  We watched as the two families continued to travel and got some great looks along the way! 

Although it was wet and windy our guests seemed to enjoy the thrill ride of seeing these animals in their natural habitat.  We all got our core temperatures back up with some hot tea after the ride.