June 2, 2010

Taking in the Scenery

Captain Craig and I left Friday Harbor with a group of enthusiastic guests to explore the wonder the islands have to offer. Having only heard news of whales heading west past Trial Island (near Victoria) -which is too far for us to reach, especially in a rolly-polly Haro Strait - we headed north to see what we could find.

Today was an eagle-packed day. We saw mating pairs left and right, first at O'Neil Island, then on one of the Cactus Islands. We also saw eagles flying past islands, sitting on nests, and perching on treetops. We pasted through patches of sun and followed by patches of rain. Each setting exposed a new and unique beauty to the islands - sun-struck waves, turquoise colored waters, cloud-topped islands, patches of blue sky surrounded by dark clouds full of rain. Almost every guest aboard the boat was spending at least a few days on the island. Each explained to me their adventures taking in all the majestic scenery the islands have to offer. In addition to the plethora of eagles, we saw numerous harbor seals swimming and hauled out and many seabirds nesting on Mandarti Island. Also, we saw every exotic species Speiden Island has to offer. They were grazing and meandering along the south side of the island.

Although we weren't graced with the orcas presence, the rest of the islands wildlife came out in droves. The constantly changing weather allowed for a mixed splendor of wonder-filled views of the gorgeous San Juans.

Over and out,