May 25, 2014

T049's in the San Juan Channel

We left Friday harbor today with a report of the same Transients we found the night before traveling slowly up the San Juan channel! I always love days like this because it means after looking at the whales, we can show the guests all of the other amazing wildlife the San Juan islands have to offer. I couldn't wait to tell everyone that not only were we going to see Transient killer whales, but they were within five minutes of our dock!

When we got on seen with the killer whales, we found them slowly traveling up the San Juan Channel. They were working hard to find possible pinniped or porpoise prey. They would be down for long dives, and suddenly change their direction of travel- it was very cool to watch! Eventually the T049 group of whales headed in a straight line, crossing the channel to Jones Island. They circled this island three times! They must have sensed something good with their echolocation, and maybe even had a meal underwater while traveling. You just never know what transient orcas are going to do, they are so unpredictable! All in all it was a fabulous trip full of wildlife such as bald eagles, harbor seals, porpoise and killer whales! As a naturalist, I couldn't ask for a better trip!


Heather, Naturalist, M/V Sea Lion

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