June 24, 2010

Swimming With Orcas

Ok, not really, but wouldn't that be cool.  We did spend time with the orcas though and had a lovely afternoon on the west side of San Juan Island.  There was Ruffles, our big old male, some of his other J pod mates and lots of swimming going on.  Not every encounter with the orcas is a circus of breaches and spyhops, but any day that we spend with them is a good one and good days is what we are all about.

Even days without orcas are good days, because there is always something beautiful to see in the San Juan Islands.  Like the eaglet on O'neal Island that is now so big it has it's adult type feathers and we can see it standing up in the nest.  Or the harbor seals that are getting ready to have their pups any time soon.  Even the islands themselves with their changing beaches and flora are indescribably beautiful.  It may not all be orcas, but it is definitely all good.

So, from all of us at San Juan Safaris, to all of you swimmers out there, thank you and we will...

See You In The Islands!

~Tristen, Naturalist