June 10, 2019

Surprise Humpback!

Naturalist Alexandria | M/v Sea Lion | June 10th, 2019  | 12:00 PM

What an amazing day we had today out on the water!  We started our trip out with no firm reports, though Captain Gabe had heard on the radio the possibility of a Humpback up north, so we decided to head that way to see what we could find.  

As we started our way north up San Juan Channel we were treated to a friendly harbor seal that was swimming by our boat.  He seemed to almost be posing got us as he swam along.  We exited Friday Harbor and headed north up San Juan Channel, deciding to head up to Boundary Pass to see what we could find.

As we got to Boundary Pass Captain Gabe heard on the radio that the Humpback we were heading to had headed north further, but we decided it was till worth the trek… that’s when we stopped in our tracks because a new Humpback had surfaced right off our port side!

We were so excited about this surprise Humpback, if you will.  It appeared to be younger, most likely a juvenile.  They provided quite the show for us all evening, happily jumping and splashing about!  We must have counted about 45 tail splashes from this individual as well as numerous breaches!

It was the most active and exciting Humpack encounter I have seen!  And to top it all off, after spending a great chunk of time with this animal, and starting to head back down south, guess what appeared!?  That’s right!... Another surprise Humpback!  It was amazing! Such a fun day!


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Naturalist Alexandria

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