August 3, 2021

Sunset with Humpback Whales!

Jordan | M/V Osprey | 08/03/2021 5:30pm

What a beautiful day out on the water!

Naturalist Laura, Haleigh and I headed out of the harbor and headed north through San Juan Channel. We looked and looked for any signs of blows or fins when all of a sudden we hear guests shouting "blow!!" We look towards shore and sure enough there was a whale!

We slowly approached and watched as the massive whale surfaced. It was a Humpback Whale! Then, suddenly a second blow surfaced right next to the first! A mother and calf! Everyone on board was incredibly excited to see this pair elegantly swim through the water side by side. The smaller whale surfaced closely next to his mother. For a few minutes they disappeared and suddenly they surfaced close to the boat!! Shutting off the engines, we quietly sat in awe as they passed our boat. We could even see their nostrils flaring with every breath!

Some guests got great photos. So, we were able to search through our database and find the exact match of which whale the mother was. Her name is Split Fluke! Her fluke has a distinctive cut and her dorsal fin is uniquely rounded with a white marking along the edge. Gorgeous whale. Eventually we left them to continue traveling south, guests cheering as we waved goodbye to the whales.

Then, we cruised along north to look at adorable harbor seals and a few eagles. As the sun set, the sky illuminated and turned a vivid vibrant pink. Swirling clouds created art amongst the sparkling sea.

What a great day!