July 10, 2020

Sunny Day, Orcas, Harbor Seals and a Humpback Whale

M/V Sea Lion

Friday, July 10th | Naturalist Alexandria


What a fantastic day we had today!  Some trips everything aligns, and this was one of those trips!  The weather has been nice the last few days, but today shined.  The sunshine was shining bright, and the wind and seas were nice and calm. 


We boarded our boat and met with Captain Pete, but before we even left the dock we were greeted by a harbor seal that was playing off our stern.  After leaving the dock within minutes of heading south down San Juan Channel we were excited to stumble upon a Humpback Whale that was hanging out off the western side of Lopez Island.  We hung out with this incredible creature for a few surfaces, got some incredible views and pictures, and then continued heading south down San Juan Channel.


We had to make a bit of a trek to meet up with some orcas, but it was so worth it!  We headed out into Haro Strait and started scanning the horizon for orcas.  We were so excited to see the ones we had gotten a report of and were able to spend a nice chunk of time with them.  It was a group of J pod resident orcas swimming around, looking so peaceful with the islands in the backdrop.


After spending time with these whales we headed back to the dock- but not before stopping to check out some rock sausages that were hauled out off Turn Island.  What a perfect day!


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Naturalist Alexandria

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