September 28, 2019

A Sunny Day with Humpbacks and Orcas!

M/V Sea Lion | Naturalist Alexandria | 12PM

What a great day we had out here on the water today!  When we got on the water we were very excited because we had reports of orcas and humpback whales!  We could not wait to see what the day had in store for us! 

We all jumped onboard M/V Sea Lion and headed north through San Juan Channel.    We worked our way up passed Waldron Island and picked up some Biggs Killer Whales- specifically the T35As and T38As. 

We got some fantastic looks at these gorgeous animals.  They surfaced in the sunshine and it looked absolutely gorgeous!  After spending about thirty minutes with these families we peeled off to see what other cool things we could find.

We checked out Spieden Island and got some fantastic looks at the Mouflon Sheep and Sitcka Deer that live on that island.  The island is starting to turn green again and it looked gorgeous with all its fall colors!

After checking out Spieden Island we headed towards a Humpback whale in Spieden Channel and got some fantastic looks at their flukes.  We hung out with this whale for a nice chunk of time before peeling off and heading back Friday Harbor.

What a fantastic day!

Until next time,

Naturalist Alexandria

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