May 29, 2013

Strait of Georgia Humpback

After leaving our slip in Friday Harbor we were greeted with beautiful calm waters in San Juan Channel. Our destination today was north in to the Canadian waters hopefully to catch up with a Humpback whale spotted earlier in the day.
After a scenic ride north we entered the Strait of Georgia around East Point of Saturna Island where the Humpback was spotted just north of Tumbo Island. This whale was fairly non-directional possibly in a feeding behavior. This has been a excellent spring with Humpback Whale sightings.
Humpback Whales of the Northeast Pacific have been making a steady comeback over the last two decades. In the mid 90's the estimated numbers were around 4000. Today the estimations are over 15,000 which means more and more Humpbacks are coming in to the Salish Sea. An incredible animal that we all hope will continue to be a common sight around the San Juan Islands.

Kevin, Naturalist, San Juan Safaris