Bald Eagle

March 6, 2018

Wild World: Seeing our Winter Wildlife in the Islands

[Monday, 3/5/18 – 12:00 – M/V Sea Lion – Naturalist Erick] Monday, Mondays. Today, we had an extra small group join us for another sunny day in the San Juan Islands. Captain Mike and I headed north towards Spieden Island to start our adventure. We first stopped at Green Point on Spieden Island to...Read more
Steller Sea Lion Pups

February 21, 2018

Winter Wildlife: Enjoying Our Winter Pinnipeds and Feathered Friends

[Monday 2/19/2018, M/V Sea Lion 12:00, Naturalist Erick] It seems winter is here again and bringing with it some mildly cold weather. Luckily, though, when the mercury drops here it also brings bright sunny days. So, on this sunny Presidents’ Day Captain Mike and I took a small crew out to go find...Read more