June 22, 2021

Sparrow the Humpback

MV Osprey- 5:30- Naturalist Alexandria 

What a beautiful day we had onboard MV Osprey. This evening we departed Friday harbor and headed north up San Juan Channel. We had a report of a Humpback whale pretty far north but Captain Gabe and the crew decided it was worth it to her up there in hopes of getting some great looks! 


The trip up was gorgeous and when we got on scene we joined a few of our other friends- boats apart of the PWWA as well. They informed us this humpback was taking 6 min dives which was great news- that means we weren’t going to have to wait to long for our next surface!


A few minutes later we were greeted by that humpback whale surfacing near us! We got some amazing looks while on scene and were even able to work with other boats to ID it as Sparrow aka Casper. We could tell this because of the whiteish blotches on either side of the underside of their flukes. 


As we headed back we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset. 


Until next time,

Naturalist Alexandria

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Whale Watch Naturalist/ Reservations


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