September 19, 2013

Southern Resident Killer Whales Get Down!

When I heard the vocalizations of orcas at the Lime Kiln hydrophone this morning, I knew it would be an entertaining day. The whale chatter seemed excited and endless!

Several hours later when we were viewing the same animals from the M/V Sea Lion, they were still partying hard. We watched a large group of Southern Resident Killer Whales begin to disperse as they entered Boundary Pass from Turn Point, heading toward the Pender Island bluffs. Soon small socializing groups of whales were spread across the horizon. Lob-tailing seemed to be the most popular form of expression, but we also watched several spyhops, and some full body breaching as well. I also saw a few “Pink Floyds”…if you will...indicating the amorous state of some of the large bulls. A mere seventeen months from now, a new mother may recount the whole tale to her new born calf.

Naturalist, M/V Sea Lion
San Juan Safaris