July 4, 2011

Sea snake

J pod was spread out along the southwest coast in smaller groups. The flag of American Camp waved on in the background as we encountered the first group of three orcas. It consisted of the mature male Mike (J-26) whose sea snake was present and the flashing of pink startled and confused the...Read more

June 26, 2011

Playful Pod

The sun was shining and the waters were calm as we headed north in search of wildlife. Just as we left Friday Harbor, we spotted a harbor seal poking his head out of the water and slowed down to get a better look. We continued our journey enjoying the beautiful day and the sites of the surrounding...Read more

June 12, 2011

International J-pod

Whale Watching Naturalist with Young Whale Watcher Today on both of our trips, we encountered J-pod. First off of the west side of San Juan Island where they were headed northeast and then off of East point, the most northwestern point of the United States, and headed into Canadian waters. Our...Read more

June 10, 2011

Plentiful Piscivores

With one short of a full boat and some sunshine peeking through the intermittent clouds, we took the Sea Lion up north towards Canadian waters in search of some Pacific northwest wildlife. Just outside the harbor as we were coming around the corner, a passenger spotted a bald eagle perched high in...Read more

June 9, 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town!

J pod was present and playful today! We first saw the orcas at Saturna Island’s East Point as both juveniles and adults took turns breaching, lob tailing and spy hopping as they slowly made their way east. Two mature males were in the lead for some time, which we believe to be the pod-mates...Read more

June 9, 2011

Resident Orca Whales Today

We headed north out of Friday Harbor with reports that there were some orcas coming down the Strait of Georgia towards Saturna Island. On our way to start our search in Canadian waters we were lucky enough to encounter lots of harbor seals hauled out on the rocks at Yellow Island and some more at...Read more

June 2, 2011

Rain to the North but Minke Whales to the South

With storm clouds and rain to the north, we started heading south towards Cattle Pass. Word on the quiet ocean: Minke whales were in the neighborhood. Passing several plump harbor seals hauled out off Cattle Point, we motored out to Salmon Bank and then Hein Bank, areas known for schools of herring...Read more

May 24, 2011


Today we saw two Transient Orcas way up on the west side of Pender Island. One of them was a big male with a huge dorsal that we identified as T20. He had one of the coolest, most unique fins I have seen so far. With a couple of notches and a port-side lean, his dorsal was easy to ID even from...Read more