Male killer whale at the surface

May 18, 2016

Transient Orcas North of the San Juan Islands

Whale, whale, whale! Today was another fun day out on the water with a delightful charter group! I have really been enjoying the guests we have hosted lately, especially on our charter trips when I can really sit down to get to know people. Today Captain Brian and I set out on the M/V Kittiwake’s...Read more
A humpback whale dives

May 7, 2016

Mountains and Humpback Whales Around the San Juan Islands

Yesterday was another gorgeous spring day here in the San Juan Islands full of lots and lots of wildlife. This time of year we have been heading north out of the harbor for the most part as there tends to be much to look at in and amongst the smaller northern islands. Heading south, just means...Read more

November 12, 2015

November Wildlife at its Finest!

Yesterday the M/V Sea Lion headed out on the water for a private charter. I love being a part of hosting these private events, as we can totally taylor the trip for whatever the groups are most interested in. Yesterday our group wanted to find as much wildlife as we possibly could, and wildlife we...Read more

November 1, 2015

Ringing in November Right! Orcas!

Today was one of the best trips I had all season. Captain Brian, Naturalist Mike and I set out from the dock without a single report determined to find some wildlife we set out North towards Spieden Island. When we reached the Wasp Islands just west of Orcas and Shaw Islands we received a report of...Read more

October 26, 2015

October Wildlife Bonanza!-October 24th, 2015

Today Captain Brian and I left the dock under perfectly Pacific Northwest cloudy skies with a boat full of passengers who, as usual, were excited to see the wildlife of the Salish Sea. Captain Brian and I were particularly excited as well because we had heard reports of something that has been...Read more

October 19, 2015

Young Humpback Antics-October 18th, 2015

Today October was showing it's true colors over the Salish Sea in the form of an incredibly serene mist that hung in the form of clouds over hilltops and muted all the normally seen colors. Not a breath of wind was felt on this classic Pacific Northwest morning in Friday Harbor, and Captain Mike...Read more

October 7, 2015

The Mighty Fin Whale-October 5th, 2015

Today, like most days, the Salish Sea was demonstrating the full potential of this incredibly unique ecosystem. Captain Mike, myself, and the excited passengers aboard the Sea Lion were fortunate enough to bear witness to some incredible activity that is a sure sign that Autumn is upon us. We...Read more

September 23, 2015

L-pod Love

Today was a truly magical day aboard the M/V Sea Lion. It started out as any other beautiful San Juan Island summer day. The sun was shining as Captain Mike turned the boat south east, headed towards Haro Strait. We encountered orcas on the south side of San Juan Island at False Bay and soon...Read more