June 19, 2010

How Was Your Day?

It has been a few days since I have visited the blogosphere, but that does not mean I have been sitting on my laurels doing nothing. We are heavily into "The Season" now and I have been out seeing orcas on a daily basis. Yesterday it was the afternoon trip on the M/V Kittiwake and then the sunset...Read more

June 11, 2010

A Pair of Grins

It was an awesome day in the San Juan Islands today and we had a superb trip. The orcas disappeared into the oceanic netherworld some time in the night, so we went off in search of bigger and better intrigues. After motoring down San Juan Channel, around Goose and Long Islands and Whale Rocks, Capt...Read more

June 8, 2010

Orca Whales and Mountain Vistas

The reports were in, telling us to search near the west side of San Juan Island for a group of L-pod orca whales. We arrived at False Bay shortly after departing from Friday Harbor. A cross-cultural crew of guests from Singapore to Kentucky adjusted their binoculars and were ready to see our famous...Read more

May 31, 2010

Prolific Past 9 Days

Its been a prolific past 9 days marred by only been 1 day whale-less day. We've been blessed by humpbacks, transient orcas and resident orcas. For the past few days we've seen the easily identifiable T-40. Transient male dorsal fins can get up to 6 ft. tall and T-40 is all male. Born in 1961, the...Read more

May 22, 2010

Hump Day

It was whales again today, but this time it was two humpbacks along the west side of San Juan Island. That makes three different whale species in two days spotted here in the San Juan Islands! Wow, what a cool place. It is exceptionally cool when you think about the fact that humpbacks are rare...Read more

May 21, 2010

Shades of Grey/Gray

#53 - Photo courtesy of Cascadia Research Collective Today we followed whales across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A vague report of a whale south of San Juan Island became a gray whale known as #53 (see photo above). On our way towards the area where he was said to be, one of our guests spotted...Read more

May 20, 2010

Cruising Time

What do you do when there are no reports of whales? Which way do you go so that you are in the best position in case whales are spotted? How do you predict where whales are going to be? The answers are - wildlife tour, any way you want and you don't. The hardest part about being a Marine Naturalist...Read more

May 14, 2010

They're Here...

Hopefully. Thinking positively, then the orcas are back and they look great! We spent the trip yesterday afternoon with numerous members of L pod over in the Canadian Gulf Islands. The first reports came in early in the morning with the orcas being well outside of our northern range. They covered...Read more