June 20, 2016

The Perks of Living in a Humpback Whale's Backyard

Yesterday we left the dock with reports of humpback whales just south of San Juan Island, a short jog from Friday Harbor. On our way there, we happened upon dozens of harbor seals just off of Cattle Point and paused to watch them fishing for the small fish being carried in by the quick flood. We...Read more
Olympics Transient Killer Whales

June 17, 2016

Afternoons with Orcas and Minkes

What a day! We spent the afternoon hanging out with some transient killer whales (some of the T46 family) off of the Salmon Bank at the southern end of San Juan Island. These whales appeared to be on the prowl, and it looked like the young 4-year-old orca, T46F, might have been getting some hunting...Read more
Humpback Whale Fluking near San Juan Island

June 5, 2016

On the Borderline: Humpback Whale swims along U.S. Canadian Border

On Friday we went up north! We started our daily search for cetaceans by heading up near Flattop Island to both look at some Harbor Seals and Bald Eagles on this Federally protected island and also look in several different channels to see if any whales could be spotted. None yet so we headed east...Read more
A humpback whale dives

May 7, 2016

Mountains and Humpback Whales Around the San Juan Islands

Yesterday was another gorgeous spring day here in the San Juan Islands full of lots and lots of wildlife. This time of year we have been heading north out of the harbor for the most part as there tends to be much to look at in and amongst the smaller northern islands. Heading south, just means...Read more
Humpback Whale Fluking near San Juan Island

April 22, 2016

Heather Humpback Whale near Henry Island

This Friday, we got a very welcome break from the heat wave that hit us earlier this week. Capt. Pete and I headed out to a cool, calm afternoon. We’re currently in the shoulder season where anything can happen. This area is most famous for seeing the Southern Resident Killer Whales, but they make...Read more
Kayaking in the San Juan Islands

April 15, 2016

How to Pack for your Kayaking Adventure in the San Juan Islands

If you look at many people’s bucket lists, kayaking in the San Juan Islands is often near the top. The chance to paddle in some of the Pacific Northwest’s world-renowned crystal clear waters, always with the potential for exciting encounters with wildlife! The San Juan Islands The San Juan Islands...Read more
Humpback whale diving in the San Juan Islands

March 29, 2016

Humpback Whales in the Salish Sea! Spring in the San Juan Islands

Captain Mike and I had yet another perfect spring private charter on the M/V Sea Lion. We woke up this morning and it felt like summer! The sun was shining, the sky was that special shade of San Juan blue, and there were reports of whales! We headed north out of Friday Harbor skirting the northern...Read more