August 7, 2017

Humpback Whales Continue to Steal the Show in the San Juans

[Sarah C. 8/6/17 5:30 Sea Lion] Smoky skies continue to haunt the San Juans this week, giving us an eerie backdrop to our whale watches. Paired with the setting sun, the persistent smoke makes for an overwhelmingly orange-pink atmosphere that permeates the sea, sky, and wildlife. And while we hope...Read more

August 6, 2017

A Playful and Curious Humpback - Spotted Near Moresby Island

[Lauren Fritz, M/V Kittiwake, 08/04/17, 5:30 pm Charter] What an amazing day on the water! We had a charter this evening, and we were lucky enough to encounter an amazing humpback whale who was curious and playful - it swam right under us a few times! Check out my favorite photos from the trip. We...Read more
Humpback whale dorsal fin

August 1, 2017

Mother and Baby Humpback Whales Breach in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

[Naturalist Erick D., M/V Sea Lion, 7/30/17, 5:30PM] On Sunday, our sunset cruise was one of the most beautiful sunsets all summer. Captain Mike and I took our group of guests south in San Juan Channel towards Cattle Pass and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We first stopped and saw some adorable Harbor...Read more
Rhinoceros auklet

July 30, 2017

Top Three Birding Locations in the San Juan Islands

Birding has quickly become one of my favorite year-round hobbies here in the San Juan Islands. We have an incredible diversity of birds, both in the marine environment as well as terrestrially. In these modern days of smart phones and other screens, it can be so fun to go on an adventure just...Read more
Humpback whale dorsal fin

July 30, 2017

Graze, the Humpback Whale, visits the San Juan Islands

[Naturalist Erick D., M/V Sea Lion, 7/29/17, 1:30PM] Yesterday Captain Gabe, Kelsey, and I headed out with a boat full of great folks to go look for some marine wildlife outside of Friday Harbor. We started by going north through San Juan Channel and soon into Presidents Channel between Orcas and...Read more

July 17, 2017

It's Another Transient Party by Patos Island!

Lauren Fritz, M/V Kestrel, 7/17/17, 2:00 pm Tour M/V Kestrel had a smooth, eventful tour today. The weather was perfect, light breeze, glassy seas. We were in high spirits as we pulled off the dock in Friday Harbor, ready to search for whatever wildlife nature wanted to show us. In such a...Read more