October 12, 2014

Humpback and Orcas! 2 Whale Delight!

Captain Mike, Owner/Naturalist Brian, guests, and I left Friday Harbor headed north in the hopes of finding whales. Even though we started the morning with no reports, we remained hopeful as we motored along Orcas Island. And then puff it's a humpback and her calf! Guests aboard the M/V Sea Lion...Read more

September 6, 2014

Late Summer Resident Whales!

Saturday September 6th was a great day on the water. M/V Sea lion, captain, crew, and guests enjoyed the sunny weather and calm seas on the south west side of San Juan Island today. The resident (salmon-eating) orcas seem to still be finding food here in the Salish Sea and were back in full force...Read more

July 29, 2014

The best kind of whale watching!

Today was one of those amazing days where we had warm summer sun, flat glassy water, and southern resident killer whales all around! Guests headed out on the M/V Sea Lion headed out of Friday Harbor today and went to the southwest side of San Juan Island. The whales were very spread out, constant...Read more

July 22, 2014

So much wildlife!! Oh, and killer whales too!!

Today the M/V Sea Lion had two great trips on the water- both located on the west side of San Juan Island. We left the docs with lots of questions and enthusiastic people just waiting to see some wildlife! Naturalist Chelsea and I feed on that kind of enthusiasm and love to answer all kind of...Read more

July 5, 2014


I saw more whales breaching today than any other whale watch I have ever been on! Just off the southern west side of San Juan Island we were able to witness the super pod greeting ceremony of the southern resident killer whales. This super pod is referring to J , K, and L pods being in one area...Read more

July 4, 2014

K Pod Back In Action!

The M/V Sea Lion and Kittiwake left Friday Harbor today with great reports of killer whales off the west side of San Juan Island. What was so great about this report you ask? The reports were of one of our resident pods that was thought to have left the night before: K Pod! We have only seen K Pod...Read more

July 1, 2014

Another Beautiful Day with Killer Whales!

We departed the docks today with sunny skies above. It would seem like every day in the San Juan's is just as beautiful as the next; however, today was clear enough so that we had a panoramic view of the Cascade mountain range with Mt. Baker in the center, as well as Mt. Rainier and the Olympics...Read more

June 16, 2014

Time Well Spent with our Resident Transients- the T065A's!

After being in the rain for the past two trips Captain Mike, Sarah and I left the dock today with sunny skies over head. But, what was even better then the sunshine were the orcas that were reported to be right in our "back yard". After motoring for about ten minutes we saw blows in the distance in...Read more