July 7, 2017

The Transient Orca Whale Party Continues

7/7/17 - Kestrel 2:00 PM Departure Today we left Friday Harbor at 2pm and couldn’t ask for better reports to start our trip with. We headed just a bit North inside San Juan channel and came across ‘Divot’, a humpback whale commonly seen in this area. We watched as he surfaced regularly and...Read more

July 2, 2017

Beautiful Transient Killer Whale Encounter in Eastern San Juans

07/02/17, Lauren Fritz, M/V Sea Lion, San Juan Safaris, 1:30 and 5:30 pm Tours What a magical day of Bigg's Killer Whales! We encountered several different family pods on the east side of Orcas Island today, over in Rosario Strait. We enjoyed some breathtaking views of the T36's and a number of...Read more

June 10, 2017

A Whale-Packed Day in the San Juans

[06/10/2017 ~ M/V Sea Lion 1200 Departure] One of the biggest challenges of whale watching is in the name itself: you're watching WHALES. Wild animals, who can travel 100 miles per day easy, who spend the majority of their lives underwater where we can't see them. Untrained, unpredictable, wild...Read more

August 28, 2016

A T Party in San Juan Channel

Is fall finally arriving to the San Juans? Seems like it! We had our first big rainfall in several weeks today, which is great, because we've had a very dry summer, and I'm sure our plant life could use some love! We felt like absolute royalty on Kestrel in our big, protective exposure suits,...Read more

July 21, 2016

L-Pod Whales and Transients TOOOO!

We had a beautiful, full day of whale watching on the M/V Sea Lion yesterday. With three trips planned, we had the opportunity to spend the day all around the islands in search of our marine mammal friends. On our morning trip, we made a turn down south, basking in the views of Griffin Bay, Cattle...Read more
Transient Orca swimming near Friday Harbor

April 11, 2016

T18s glide through San Juan Channel

On Saturday, we had a pretty unique trip. Our crew had the honor of assisting in the memorial service of a long-time island resident. Our guests said their goodbyes on a beautiful sunny day in front of the back drop of the Olympic Mountains. As the current gently pushed us along in San Juan Channel...Read more
A Transient Killer Whale, T137A, gets curious after hunting

March 27, 2016

T137s Transient Orcas outside Friday Habor!!!

March on San Juan Island usually means lots of rain. This Saturday, though we had a small, sunny break in the rainy forecast which reminded us that summer is just around the corner. Coincidentally so are the killer whales. We turned south out of the harbor with myself, Naturalist Kev, and Captain...Read more