June 3, 2015

L Pod Joins the Mix on the West Side

Today Captain Pete and Naturalist Mike (along with some other seasoned naturalists) crewed the M/V Sea Lion as we left the dock in search of wildlife. The crew and the passengers were all anticipating a great trip because we had reports of L pod, a faction of the Southern Resident Killer Whales, on...Read more

May 28, 2015

A Great day for Js!

After shooting to the North last Saturday night, J Pod had disappeared. The whale watching fleet had gotten no reports and all of the hydrophones in the Salish Sea had been silent to the melodious calls of the Js.... UNTIL THIS MORNING! We got to the M/V Sea Lion and had a flurry of reports of all...Read more

August 23, 2014

Orca Chess Match!

Today Captain Jim and I set out on the M/V Kittiwake with two reports of orcas: one of transients to the north, and one of residents to the south. Oftentimes we joke that deciding where to go is a like a chess match.... the whales will make one move and then we have to respond. We are a member of...Read more

August 8, 2014

Resident Orcas traveling through Haro Strait-Thursday August 7th

M/V Sea Lion departed Friday Harbor at 5:30pm and we traveled south through cattle pass. Guests were in for an adventure moving through four foot rolling waves! Once around the south end of the island, we encountered commercial fishing boats, so Captain Pete had to be on the lookout for nets in the...Read more

June 29, 2014

Late Night Whale Watch

Today deviated from the norm for Captain Jim and I today, since we had a charter on M/V Kittiwake that didn't start till around 6:30 pm. Both of us are fairly use to being out on the water earlier in the day, and this was a great chance to see the changes in nature and the surrounding wildlife...oh...Read more

September 21, 2013

Sea Lion Goes North

The M/V Sea Lion went North today in hot pursuit of a Transient Orca. What's funny is that we started out heading south, but as Captain Mike pulled a U-Turn in the San Juan Channel we knew something was up! He informed us that there was a report of T-21 heading north in Canada and we were in reach...Read more

September 19, 2013

Playful Resident Orcas Make For A Perfect Day!

M/V Kittiwake departed with positive reports of Resident Orcas! Our 13 guests and myself were very excited due to the fact they have been gone for a few days. Captain Mike headed straight to the Orcas that were heading north in Boundary Pass. Once we got on scene we could see all the blows and lots...Read more

September 12, 2013

Orcas Galore in the Salish Sea

With another beautiful day in the San Juans, Captain Mike, Caitlin, and I were thrilled to have great guests on board the boat and positive reports of resident orcas. Captain Mike steered us north toward the south end of Pender Island in Canada. We encountered a group of about 14 orcas consisting...Read more