July 17, 2020

Resident Orcas off the West Side!

M/V Sea Lion | Friday July 17th  2020 | Naturalist Alexandria

Today was a beautiful day out on the water!  We left the dock knowing we had reports of Resident Orcas off the West Side of San Juan Island- and not just any resident orcas… J Pod!

As we left in M/V Sea Lion, Captain Pete and myself were eagerly looking forward to the trip ahead.  Any day where we have reports of whales is an exciting day, but when we have reports of Southern Resident Orcas off the West Side of San Juan Island, we know its bound to be a truly special day!

We headed down San Juan Channel, around Cattle Pass, and started working our way up the West Side.  Once we got within range of the last report, we began actively searching for dorsal fins!  The first glance was in the distance ahead of us, we saw a big exhalation from an individual, and after that they put on quite a show! 

After spending some amazing time with these orcas it was time to return back to Friday Harbor!

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Naturalist Alexandria

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