June 9, 2011

Resident Orca Whales Today

We headed north out of Friday Harbor with reports that there were some orcas coming down the Strait of Georgia towards Saturna Island. On our way to start our search in Canadian waters we were lucky enough to encounter lots of harbor seals hauled out on the rocks at Yellow Island and some more at White Rocks.

From there we headed across the border at Boundary Pass and had everyone on board helping us look for signs of orca. Once we passed the Canadian Navy and a large cargo ship we spotted what we were looking for. Spread out from just about East Point all the way to Turn point we had orca! There were so many that we had the ability to watch one group for a while, and then observe another group, and then another. One lucky passenger even got a picture of a spy hop!

Once every passenger had their fill we decided to let the animals move on and continue our wildlife watching on the way home. We watched a Bald Eagle carrying many sticks for its nest swoop right past the stern of the boat. Along the Spieden Channel we encountered more eagles, sheep, and deer. Our passengers were elated! They all appreciated how lucky they were to not only find the whales, but the rest of the wildlife too!

Mike O