April 30, 2010

Resident Killer Whales off the West Side of San Juan Island!

What a first day back on the job! This is my third season working for San Juan Safaris. At the beginning of every season I can't wait to get back out on the water. Today was my first day back on the boat and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect welcome back! We departed Friday Harbor having heard word that the Southern Resident Killer Whales were off the coast of Victoria headed eastbound. Captain Craig informed me that rough seas might make an encounter with the orcas a no-go. But, much to my excitement as we headed out of the harbor we heard word that the seas had a calmed a bit and Captain Craig decided to make a go for it!

A few minutes after passing by Lime Kiln State Park I saw a male dorsal fin off in the distance! The waves were tumbling us back and forth, but luckily the guests were ready for an adventure! We shoved on through and had some FANTASTIC views of J28 and her new baby J46!! We also saw at least two males, one of which I think we Riptide, or J30 (a 14 year old male). The orcas were spread out and appeared to be fishing based on their sporadic surfacings.

It was a wonderful trip, despite the rolling sea. My unbridled enthusiasm to be back around the Southern Resident Community of orcas sparked joyous excitement in the guests and, as usual with San Juan Safaris, we all had a great time!