August 10, 2021

Raptor Found in the Deep North!

Today was quite the adventure as Abby, Cayla, Captain Gabe and I headed to Canada for the first time in 2 years!! It was a fantastic change in perspective as we crossed the border and entered a whole new world!

Going up through the San Juan Channel, around Waldron Island and towards Saturna Island, we passed close to the beautiful lighthouse off of East Point.

Continuing into the open waters of the Strait of Georgia, we found a Humpback whale!! This gorgeous animal was huge! Probably one of the largest I've seen as her glossly black back burst through the water. We watched in awe as she meandered gracefully throughout her natural habitat.

It looked as if she was searching for food as the travelled along the high currents and filter fed amongst large schools of fish beneath the surface.

We caught flashes of her tail as she dove deep and showed her unique pattern of white splotches and scratches. We can use that information as researchers to track her along her migration without using a physical device.

We eventually headed back down to the harbor, watching the gorgeous scenery and picturesque views.

What a lovely day.