September 1, 2012

A Plethora of Whales!

Southern Resident Killer Whales were spread out over 2 miles and traveling south through Boundary Pass today. 

In total we spent time viewing 15 Killer Whales, but many other individuals were observed surfacing in the distance.  It didn’t matter in which direction you looked there were Orcas!  It was absolutely fan-tastic!

In the first group, there were 8 individuals including a mature male and also a young calf.  Initially these whales were traveling in two smaller groups, one behind the other, when they joined together and became more surface active.  One female turned onto her back and was slapping her tail against the surface of the water while upside down.  Then the large male rolled onto his side and was hitting the surface with his pectoral fin.  Other whales were throwing their tails sideways as if performing cartwheels, while another whale spyhopped to take a look around. 

The second group had another 7 individuals including two large males.  These whales dove and changed direction, deciding to come towards us.  What an amazing surprise!  As we backed away from the whales we had the most EXCELLENT views

Naturalist Amy, San Juan Safaris