August 30, 2010

Over the river and through the woods..........

Map: Active Pass, Canada

Map: Active Pass, Canada

Today we ventured to Active Pass in Canada to admire those beautiful black and white creatures known as Orcas.
It is not very often we have to travel this far to see them. Thanks to the gorgeous weather, our guests definitely did not mind the boat ride. The longer boat rides are often very nice because we get the opportunity to know the guests on board a little better and delve into deeper subjects relating to the Orca population. Also we get to see many of the islands along the way and talk about the history and unique groups of people that live on them.

Today the guests got a special treat of seeing some of the Canadian gulf islands as we wound our way through active pass. We caught up to the whales as they were making there way through the pass and out into open waters.  There were orcas as far as the eye could see practically! This large grouping was a mix of different pods and they were very spread out.  We observed parts of J pod with a small grouping of L pod nearby. In the distance large splashes were observed as the whales breached and slapped their tails. It was not long before the groups near us were doing the same actions. We even got to observe a few spy hops, which are my personal favorite. It was a great day and well worth the extra drive!