May 19, 2019

Orcas Ride the Tide by South Pender : T65B's, T75B's, T75C's, T124C Bigg's Orcas all together

Bigg's Orcas

Erick | Sunday, May 19, 2019 | M/V Sea Lion | 5:30PM

On our second trip this Sunday, Captain Gabe and I took our lovely group of folks north through San Juan Channel and towards Boundary Pass. We made our first stop at Green Point on Spieden Island. Here there were a few Steller Sea Lions enjoying the warm rocks of the late afternoon. Up on hillside there was a herd of Mouflon Sheep grazing as well. These are sheep that were brought here to be part of an exotic game hunting ranch that is no more. We next headed into the Cactus Islands north of Spieden Island. We zigged in between the Cactus Islands and saw a bunch of Harbor Seals sleeping in the kelp forest and the intertidal rocks. Next, we also saw a Bald Eagle perched a little bit below its nest on Little Cactus Island. We continued on our way to the north towards Boundary Pass and Swanson Pass. Right on the edge of Boundary Pass we saw a group of Orcas! This was the same group that we had seen earlier that day and they were continuing on their merry way towards the east. It was the T65B's, the T75B's, the T75C's, and T124C. They were gently riding along with the tidal current. They did this while the two youngest orca calves rolled over and over their mothers and siblings. This group of Bigg's Orcas rode a current along the shoreline and got within feet of shore! So cool. It was amazing to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat! Whale folks until next time.