June 28, 2018

Orcas North of San Juan Island

Today we got to see a group of transient orca whales just north of San Juan Island.  On our way out of Friday Harbor we got a look at a swimming juvenile Steller’s sea lion.  We then continued to head out of the Harbor and went into Presidents channel where we came across the T137’s.  When we first got on scene the whales were all spread out and foraging for any tasty mammal snacks.  We watched as the whales were spread out but surfaced in unison.  We then got to see them alternate direction as well as proximity to one another.  It was fun to see the whale’s ability to maneuver through the waterway.  We then got to see the whales make a kill and go into a prey sharing mode.   All-in-all it was a great day to be out on the water! 

Naturalist Rachel