May 28, 2015

A Great day for Js!

After shooting to the North last Saturday night, J Pod had disappeared. The whale watching fleet had gotten no reports and all of the hydrophones in the Salish Sea had been silent to the melodious calls of the Js.... UNTIL THIS MORNING! We got to the M/V Sea Lion and had a flurry of reports of all...Read more

August 6, 2014

Travels to Canada for Transients

Today we had a gorgeous day on the M/V Kittiwake travelling up into Canadian waters to find a pod of transient orcas. These whales eat marine mammals, with harbor seals making up the majority of their diet. A male killer whale can eat over 400 pounds of food a day! We enjoyed watching a group of...Read more

September 21, 2012

Whale Watching the Southern Resident Killer Whales

Although the beautiful, sunny skies were replaced by clouds and grey skies today, our spirits were not dampened; we were all equipped with a sense of adventure and eager to spend the afternoon exploring the Salish Sea. And, we were not disappointed. Within minutes of departing Friday Harbor and...Read more

September 5, 2012

Round 2: Another group of Transient Killer Whales

We had wonderful views of 4 Transient Killer Whales! We first saw the Orca Whales near Green Point as they were traveling north. The pod included one physically mature male, he was massive. When we arrived on scene, the whales were taking turns slapping their tail flukes on the surface before...Read more

September 4, 2012

Transient Killer Whales

Literally minutes before our departure Captain Mike received a report of 2 Transient Killer Whales in the area! Yahoozle! We found the whales near Kettle Bluff on the westside of Henry Island (48°36.15N, 123°12.60W). The whales were identified as T20, a mature male, and T21 a female, most...Read more

September 1, 2012

A Plethora of Whales!

Southern Resident Killer Whales were spread out over 2 miles and traveling south through Boundary Pass today. In total we spent time viewing 15 Killer Whales, but many other individuals were observed surfacing in the distance. It didn’t matter in which direction you looked there were Orcas! It...Read more

August 15, 2012


As we left Friday Harbor there were no reports of Orca Whales so we motored south where a few Minke Whales had been seen. Along the way we stopped for harbor seals resting on Turn Island and Steller Sea Lions sunning themselves on Whale Rocks. We then cruised to Salmon Bank to look for the Minke...Read more