June 8, 2009

Orcas Near Protection Island Today-A Long Haul

On our Saturday trip we were delighted to finally see a couple members of the Southern Resident Community back around the San Juan Islands! Strangely, however, it was just K20, Spock, and her offspring, K38, Comet.K Pod members are rarely seen travelling for so long without the rest of their pod...Read more

June 6, 2009

North of the border with Orcas!

What a wonderful welcome home! With it just being my 2 nd day back in the islands, I and the other guests aboard the MV Sea Lion were welcomed with great views of a couple of Orca whales, harbor seals and soaring eagles! We spent the afternoon cruising north from Friday Harbor, straight shooting it...Read more

June 5, 2009

After a few days of unusually hot weather for the San Juan Islands (I heard up to 85 or maybe even 90 degrees ( Fahrenheit )!) it finally cooled down (at least a little) and turned out to be a beautiful day to cruise the islands. We departed San Juan Island with no reports of any pods from the...Read more

June 4, 2009

Baleen Whales!!!

We watched a gray whale just offshore of Whidbey Island near the Naval Air Force Base. We watched as the whale would blow 3 to 6 times and then take a dive for a couple of minutes. Everyone loved the heart shaped spray that the exhale makes from gray whales. I really find it interesting that gray...Read more

June 3, 2009

Oh How Many Minkes!

The reports of Orcas are starting to roll in, but they are still too far West for us to get to them. Our Gray Whale friend, whom I have dubbed Clyde the glide, was possibly still in the waters near the naval air station, but our stalwart group clamored for something out of the ordinary. So South we...Read more

June 2, 2009

Gray Days

What a day to see gray. A whale that is. As our balmy (82 degrees F, 28% humidity) weather continues here in the San Juan Islands we took to the seas to find cool breezes and cool animals. True to our Pacific Northwest abundance we were not disappointed. Craig expertly captained the MV Sea Lion...Read more

June 2, 2009

A Thank You From A Whale Watching Guest

This just in from one of our great visitors... Thank you so much for a wonderful day for me and my family yesterday. We loved the tour and the island. My wife and I are planning our retirement from the military vacation next year for the Seattle area and already plan on spending much of our time...Read more

June 1, 2009

Gray whale!!!

Gray whale today near Whitbey Island Naval Base. These whales have a streamlined body with a narrow, tapered head. Gray whales are always great to watch. We observed the whale foraging. We even saw the whales fluke. Gray whales are bottom sediment feeders. The whale exhibited the predictable...Read more