August 29, 2018

Transient Orcas Near Canada

August 19- M/V Kestrel- 10:00 am We left Friday Harbor and headed South West towards Canada where there was a report of some transient orcas. On our way down to Victoria we got to see some harbor seals and some Steller’s sea lions. Steller’s sea lions spend the majority of the summer on the coast...Read more

August 28, 2018

Transient orcas in the Strait of Georgia

August 28- M/V Sea Lion- 1:30 pm Yesterday we left the dock at Friday Harbor and went North towards British Columbia. We came across a few families of transient orcas, specifically the T100’s and the T124D’s. In total we had 8 whales milling about in the Strait of Georgia. Those families include a...Read more

August 18, 2018

Transient Orcas North of Friday Harbor

August 18- M/V Sea Lion- 1:30 pm For our tour today we had a report of some transient orcas near some small islands on the North side of Orcas island. On our way up to that report we saw some harbor porpoise in Presidents channel. We then got to a group of orcas call the T2C’s. This particular...Read more