August 15, 2022

Zig-zagging Humpback Whale and Puffins a plenty

Maxx K. | M/V Kestrel | 008/15/2022 | 12:30pm Today was a stunner! My goodness was it beautiful out- the sun was out and proud, Baker, Reiner and the Olympics stood boldly over the Juan de Fuca and seas were as calm as could be (we LOVE that). Kestrel carefully meandered out of Friday Harbor and...Read more

July 31, 2022

A Long-Distance, Epic Pursuit of Orca Whales!

Haleigh | M/V Osprey | July 31, 2022 | 12:30pm As we headed off the dock on a beautiful warm day, we received an early report of Bigg’s Orca Whales… but they were running away from us. The T37A’s were making a run for it out the Strait of Juan de fuca, towards the open ocean. The only question was...Read more

July 29, 2022

Breaching Orcas in Salmon Bank!

7/29/22 MV Kestrel Helena 10am Our morning adventure tour on MV Kestrel left the sunny harbor eager for all the Salish Sea has to offer. As we are one of the first boats on the water each morning, our main focus is scanning broadly, making sure to not miss any blows or dorsal fins along shorelines...Read more

July 21, 2022

Spyhopping T069s in the Canadian Gulf Islands

7/21/22 MV Kestrel 2pm Helena We journeyed north up San Juan Channel following reports of wildlife in Boundary Pass . With the base of Mount Baker off our starboard side, the group was buzzing for the potential of what we might encounter! Captain Michael slowed down first at the Cactus Islands...Read more

July 18, 2022

Biggs Killer Whales in Georgeson Pass

Maxx K. | M/V Kestrel | 07/18/2022 | 2:00pm I had a blast on today's tour! Kestrel raced out of Friday Harbor towards the north, stopping first to admire a bald eagle that sat looming over the San Juan Channel. We ended up seeing at least eleven eagles during the duration of our tour today and I’m...Read more

July 17, 2022

Bigg's Killer Whale Siblings in the Rosario Strait!

MV Osprey Helena 7/17/2022 I can’t think of a better Sunday afternoon spent than on MV Osprey here in the Salish Sea! Our adventure began east through Upright Channel , the breeze was light and the sun was poking through the puffy white clouds -- perfect conditions for a day on the water. We...Read more

June 28, 2022

A Proper Adventure Tour with a Smoochy Humpback Whale

Maxx K. | M/V Kestrel | 06/28/2022 | 2:00pm Sometimes it's really nice to mix things up. We are super fortunate for pretty stellar weather during the summer: sunny skies and little wind. Though every now and again Mother Nature mixes it up on us, and today was one of those days. Kestrel zoomed out...Read more