July 17, 2010

North Pender Island

As one of our naturalist Lauren mentioned yesterday the whales have been testing our reach lately and today was no different. This morning they cruised quickly up the west side of San Juan Island continuing to head north. By the time we headed out of the harbor the reports were saying they were at Turn Point off of Stuart Island. We finally caught up to them at North Pender Island in Canada. Other whale watch boats could be seen up ahead but before we made it that far one of our guests spotted some Orcas off our port side. As we watched this group of five we identified them as the grouping known as the J16's. This group consists of a female J16 and her 4 offspring. While the mostly traveled they occasionally made us ooo and ahhhh with a tail slap and even a few cartwheels. The fog from the morning had cleared and the whales  slowly surfaced making for some nice kodak moments.