August 19, 2013

The M/V Kittiwake Goes The Extra Mile

Today The M/V Kittiwake wasn't going to let a little thing like distance get in the way of seeing killer whales! Reports had Transient Orcas heading west near Discovery Island off the coast of Victoria, Canada. It was going to be quite the trek to get to these whales, but Captain Jim is never one to pass up on a challenge. On our way to the scene, we were able to spot some Harbor Seals, Harbor Porpoises, and even two Minke Whales. All this wildlife along the way would have made for a great trip all by itself, but passengers and crew aboard the M/V Kittiwake were still determined to spot some whales of the black and white variety. And that we did! Once on scene, we followed a group of 5 Transient Orcas as they steadily headed closer and closer towards the Pacific Ocean. After cruising alongside the marine-mammal eating Orcas at a consistent 4 knots it was time to head on back to the US boundary line. And don't think the adventure stopped there, we even encountered 5 Stellar Sea Lions lounging on Whale Rocks right at the mouth of the San Juan Channel. It was a great whale watching trip that covered some serious distance. Always an adventure on M/V Kittiwake!

Caitlin, Naturalist- M/V Kittiwake, San Juan Safaris