September 5, 2009

Mother Nature's Good Side

J pod surprised us today...those speed demons! The skies were clearing, the seas were calming and the Orcas were moving fast towards San Juan Island! A little positive thinking can go a long way (well maybe it was luck)....despite earlier morning reports of some 6 foot waves in the Straits and Orcas out of our range... by the time our 1pm trip rolled around the seas were settling and the whale report was promising! We met J1, J2 and many others as they crossed Haro Strait towards the Lime Kiln Light on the west side. Lot of porpoising and directional changes indicated a bout of fishing. The commercial boats were out just north of my guess is the Orcas wanted their share too! Great looks of the Js....followed by a few eagles and harbor seals in the northwest San Juans. We made it back to the dock in between a few sprinkles and the sky is looking beautiful with the evening sun lighting a range of colorful gray-blue clouds!

Crossing my fingers we'll be just as lucky tomorrow!
Jaclyn Van Bourgondien, naturalist
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