August 6, 2013

Minke Whale Feeding Off the Westside of Waldron Island

B-E-A-U-TIFUL weather around the San Juan's today! That lingering fog bank hanging along the westside of San Juan Island was not going to stop us from having a great whale watching and wildlife tour. Captain Brent, the passengers aboard M/V Kittiwake, and myself took this as an excellent opportunity to head North away from the heavy fog bank. This turned out to be an excellent choice, because we were able to meet up a Minke Whale feeding by its lonesome along the west side of Waldron Island.
Waldron Island is apart of the San Juan Preservation Trust, and has more than 12,200 feet of shoreline and 477 acres of land protected! Its not everyday that the M/V Kittiwake gets to head north so today was a great opportunity to see more of the islands. It definitely helped that we had a minke whale surfacing in the foreground as well! Here's hoping tomorrow will be just as beautiful!

Caitlin, Naturalist- M/V Kittiwake, San Juan Safaris