whales in canada

July 1, 2018

Whales in Canada!

Jordan | July 1, 2018 | M/V Kestrel | 10:00 trip The morning was a not-so-sunny morning as the drizzling rain sprinkled across the calm waters of Friday Harbor. Captain Mike and I were excited for the day, nevertheless, and embraced the wetness with open spirits of adventure! As we headed out, we...Read more

April 14, 2017

Superpod of Bigg's Killer Whales Shows Off in Strait of Georgia

Approximately fifteen killer whales stunned spectators when the animals scoffed at the directional predictions of the crew and instead burst to the surface just behind the M/V Sea Lion. After regaining our breath, we paralleled the tightly-packed posse as they transited south along the westside of...Read more

April 30, 2013

T20 and T21 Tour the Victorian Waterfront

We last spotted T20 and T21 on Friday near Active Pass, north of Mayne Island, British Columbia. Today we found the Transient pair enjoying the Victorian Waterfront. Initially the Orcas appeared to be in resting mode, making slow northerly progress. Then they turned the opposite direction, heading...Read more

July 27, 2012

To Canada We Go...

Today we met up with 7-8 members of J-Pod on the southwest side of Mayne Island (Canada) headed north for Active Pass (48°50.93’N, 123°20.55’W). They were resting, traveling in a tight-knit group, surfacing in unison for a few breaths, and then taking deep dives for a few moments. In this group we...Read more

July 14, 2009

From Canada to the Coal Docks

It may not sound glamorous, but the day we had today on the MV Sea Lion definitely was. Capt. Craig got us out the door in a hurry since the orcas were all the way up in Active Pass between Galiano and Mayne Islands. It was petal-to-the-metal the whole way and in two hours we were northeast of the...Read more

June 15, 2009

Sunset and Whales

It was a beautiful evening and Capt. Craig, the guests and I rushed right out to be a part of it. Actually, we were rushing because there were reports of Orcas in the vicinity and they were moving away from us. We quick got the group on board and the MV Sea Lion under way and motored out of the...Read more