May 8, 2021

Lovely Day with Transient Orcas

Jordan | M/V Sea Lion | 05/08/2021 |1:00pm

What a fun day today!

Captain Pete and I excitedly hopped on board with our guests and boated out of the harbor and headed between Shaw and Lopez Island. Continuing on we went through Pevine Pass and out into the open waters of the Rosario Strait.

Here, we found orca whales! By looking at the unique patterns and shapes of their dorsal fins, we identified them as a transient pod of orcas (also known as Bigg’s Killer whales) named the T123s. They were led by their mother T123 with three other whales in tow. A massive male whale followed his family along with a tiny baby just a few years old! They were so fun to watch as they swam amongst the islands and searched the shoreline for prey.

It was so much fun to leisurely meander through the rolling islands and cliffsides as we pondering what the whales might be thinking.

Eventually we headed back towards home. We stopped and watched a few harbor seals and enjoyed exploring the islands.

What a lovely day!