Transient Orca swimming near Friday Harbor

April 11, 2016

T18s glide through San Juan Channel

On Saturday, we had a pretty unique trip. Our crew had the honor of assisting in the memorial service of a long-time island resident. Our guests said their goodbyes on a beautiful sunny day in front of the back drop of the Olympic Mountains. As the current gently pushed us along in San Juan Channel...Read more

May 12, 2013

North or South?

We left the dock again today with very little information about wildlife sightings and a fresh crew full of expectations for the day. Should we go north or south from Friday Harbor in search of wildlife? It's a question that we sweat over in the business. The Salish Sea is a big place, with animals...Read more

August 18, 2012

Mysterious Minke!

We went on a wildlife adventure today, which included a circumnavigation of Lopez Island! Several harbor seals were hauled out near Turn Island, off the east side of San Juan Island. As we headed south we encountered at least seven Stellar’s sea lions on Whale Rock. The waters on the Strait of Juan...Read more

July 30, 2012


Another Minke Whale southeast of Lopez Island, a couple miles offshore, Rosario Strait (48°21.55’N 122°48.78’W). Captain Mike, also known as "Minke Mike", was the first to spot him and soon after, the fleet moved in. This whale seemed a bit distant at first, luring us into the strait, but...Read more

July 28, 2012

K-pod and Steller's

We had calm seas and a bright sunny day, perfect for wildlife watching! We departed Friday Harbor heading south, stopping to view harbor seals in the water and hauled out, as well as a bald eagle perched high in the tree tops. There were more seals around Goose Island, plus cormorants, gulls, and a...Read more

July 17, 2012

Feeding frenzy!

So many opportunities to observe the diverse wildlife of the San Juan Islands today! From Friday Harbor we traveled east, and then cut between San Juan Island and Lopez Island. Several harbor seals were hauled out on rocks, swimming, and foraging for fish! Gulls swooped in and rhinoceros auklets...Read more

June 19, 2012

Crystal blue skies and whale tails!

The weather we had in the San Juan Islands today is what Washington residents live for during the dark winters. Crystal blue skies, a scattering of puffy white clouds, calm waters, no wind, and mild temperatures made for an excellent boat cruise. It also made our guests from Texas very happy. We...Read more

May 30, 2012

Residents in their Realm

Members of J-pod, K-pod, and L-Pod where traveling together again today out in Rosario Strait just southwest of Lopez Island; coordinates 48°24.051N 122°50.23W. Within a few minutes of reaching the area, the Sea Lion (our boat) was surrounded by whales on all sides! It didn’t matter in which...Read more