July 3, 2009

L-POD Orca Whale with Calf

L-Pod Orca Whales with Calf near False Bay

Today we traveled east out of Friday Harbor, then South and then up the west side… We got word that there were some resident orcas near False Bay on the west side of the island.

We encountered some of L-pod, the largest pod of the Southern Resident Killer Whales. We had some great views of L-pods new calf, L-112 and L-86, the mother. The calf is super cute.

We also had some great viewing time of other individuals from L-pod. After about an hour we headed to Long Island, just south of Lopez Island and saw four different Bald Eagles. We saw an immature Bald Eagle.Immature bald eagles do not have a white head and tail. They don’t actually get the white head and tail till their about four or five years old.

There was another adult eagle very close. We then saw two adult Bald Eagles right next to each other in a tree; these eagles were most likely a nesting pair. Bald eagles are monogamous birds and come back to their same nest every year.

We also saw some harbor seals swimming. On the way back to Friday Harbor we took a quick peek at Goose Island (on the south end of San Juan Island) and saw the elaborate nests of the double crested cormorants. A great warm day in the islands.

Naturalist Jeannette

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