August 9, 2013

L Pod, Minke Whale, and Stellar Sea Lions!

Leaving Friday Harbor, Captain Mike, Kevin, passengers aboard M/V Sea Lion, and myself headed south towards the Westside of San Juan Island for both our afternoon and evening trip. On both of these trips we met up with a subgroup of L pod. Same as yesterday, it was Wave Walker, L-88, that stole the show! Wave Walker has a very distinctive saddle patch that helps in identifying this 20 year old male. He wasn't alone though, he was joined up with L-84, Nyssa, and the L-54's, who comprise of a mother and her 3 offspring. It was a great day not only to see resident orcas but also some other amazing wildlife in the area. We got great looks at a few Stellar Sea Lions that have made it back from up north, and also a lone Minke hanging out in Griffin Bay. Never a dull moment in the San Juan's!


Caitlin, Naturalist-M/V Sea Lion, San Juan Safaris